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Action Against Allergy

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To avoid any confusion we would like to advise visitors to this site that Action Against Allergy, a registered national charity founded in 1978, has no connection with the commercial site of similar name, Act Against Allergy, first appearing in June 2006, which is linked to a companion commercial site promoting products for milk-allergic infants. Action Against Allergy has no affiliation to any commercial enterprise and provides information which is objectively sourced.



Action Against Allergy was established in 1978 to help those suffering from any kind of allergy. Its aim is to advance understanding, awareness and recognition of allergic medical conditions and allergy-related illness, and the actions needed for research, diagnosis and treatment.

Find a doctor.  The charity offers an information service that includes contact details of allergy clinics, allergy specialists and dietitians, (both NHS and private) and alternative heath care practitioners. Those needing this information can learn where to go in their own particular area.  In addition, there is a very comprehensive list of helpful books on allergies, special diets and treatments , and a library of information leaflets, including essays written by AAA's own members.  This information service is available to everyone, in return for a small donation to defray costs.

Join AAA.   For an annual subscription of 15, benefits to members include a free colour magazine, Allergy Newsletter, three times a year, packed with useful material. plus access to a talk-line telephone network putting them in touch with other members, and direct contact with the charity's advisory services. 


Allergic illness takes many forms

The symptoms of allergy are many and varied, ranging from a mild irritant to a severely debilitating chronic condition.  They can include sudden breathlessness, swelling of face or hands, headaches, muscle weakness and joint pains, giddiness, upset stomach, skin rashes, and excessive fatigue.  
    Symptoms may be triggered by a wide number of causes:  a reaction to food or food additives,  to pollutants in the air outside or in the home, to chemicals in our surroundings where we live or work or in the many everyday items we use.
    Asthma, hayfever and rhinitis; eczema and urticaria; candida albicans; chronic fatigue syndrome/M.E. (myalgic encephalomyletis) and irritable bowel syndrome are the main conditions suffered by allergic people, even though they may not always be caused directly or only by allergens.  Some reactions may be life-threatening:  to peanuts or bee stings for example.

   There are also many instances of children who are cows’ milk intolerant or who become hyperactive in response to certain foods or food additives.
   The immune system of each person in unique and therefore so is the experience of each individual to any substance causing an allergic reaction.
There are, however, many common causes and many similar responses and there is a growing awareness and knowledge of how some of these causes may be tracked down and treated.
   Action Against Allergy does not limit the help offered to those with any one kind of allergy.  It is here for everyone - across the whole spectrum of allergy problems.

How Action Against Allergy began

Action Against Allergy (AAA) is a registered national charity founded in 1978 by Mrs Amelia Nathan Hill who, since childhood, had suffered allergic reactions to many different foods and chemicals.
    She was chronically ill with migraine, stomach upsets, painful limbs and joints and other symptoms so severe that she was bedridden for long periods.  Her doctor thought she was being poisoned!
    At that time allergic illness was rarely heard of, nor was its existence acknowledged by all but a very few doctors.  After many years of searching world wide for help Mrs Nathan Hill was eventually diagnosed by means of an elimination diet devised by a pioneering British doctor, the late Dr Richard Mackarness, who described his method in the book Not All in the Mind.  The eilimination diet is widely used today, over 25 years later, recognised as the most reliable means of tracking down which foods or food additives are causing the problem.
    Armed with this understanding, Amelia was able to control her diet, as many other now do with equal success, enabling them to enjoy a normal life.
She wrote her own story of her fight for health, Against the Unsuspected Enemy, which inspired thousands to write to her to share their own allergy problems and express their desperate need for help.  Amelia founded AAA to give that help - and it has done so ever since.
Now is also a good time to give a brief acknowledgement to all of the companies, freelancers, consultants and volunteers that have helped AAA grow over the years. Everyone from content writers to our UK SEO company and web design team have helped this website become a leading online resource for those suffering and living with allergies.

The trustees of Action Against Allergy acknowledge gratefully the kind sponsorship enabling the establishment of this web-site by Mrs Jennifer Worth S.R.N, S.C.M., AAA member and author of the book which told of her own experiences:  Eczema and Food Allergy, The Hidden Cause?


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